An Assisted Living Emergency Evacuation Plan for Crisis Management

A crisis requiring evacuation is every assisted living administrator’s nightmare. Life-threatening events like a fire or flooding are stressful enough without the complexities involved in evacuating medically-fragile seniors. Administrators must not only have a comprehensive assisted living emergency evacuation plan but must ensure that staff and residents are well prepared when a crisis occurs.

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AI in Senior Living Medication Management

AI, or artificial intelligence, is transforming how we live today. In retirement communities, AI is being used with residents and staff to improve the quality of care as well as mitigate issues related to workforce shortages. For example, applications of AI in senior living medication management range from simple alerts to creating a more effective dosing schedule to proactive risk management.

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Advancing Assisted Living: The Essential Role of Assisted Living Education Programs

In the world of senior care, the pursuit of excellence stands as a perpetual goal. Assisted living facilities continually strive to elevate the…

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The Importance of Infection Control Training for Nurses and Direct Care Staff

In an assisted living facility, infection control training for nurses and direct staff can help increase the quality of care and emphasize a culture of safety. Infections can quickly endanger not only the lives of fragile older adults, but also the health of staff and visitors. That’s why infection control best practices should be communicated clearly and followed by everyone.

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How to Improve Winter Safety in Assisted Living Facilities

Bitter arctic cold, snow, sleet and freezing rain have affected much of the US already in 2024, including the South. Administrators need to take precautions to keep not only residents but staff and visitors safe as well. That’s why it is important to have a detailed emergency preparedness plan and staff trained for winter safety in assisted living facilities.

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Winter Safety

How Can Dementia Training Boost Reputation and Occupancy Rates?

For assisted living providers, dementia training has been shown to enhance quality of care, reduce staff burnout, and improve empathy and understanding, which ultimately improves satisfaction of residents and their families. Providing excellent customer service is an established way of building reputation and boosting occupancy rates for assisted living communities. But for many providers, finding the resources for dementia training can be challenging.

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