SLU helps mentor and guide organizations to the training tools that best suit their individual needs.  We’re not order takers, we’re advisors.

Consultative education solutions for senior care providers.  We help you help your residents.  We will guide you in selecting the training programs that best meet your needs and those of your residents.  Our deep experience in providing educational programs means we can serve as a guide and counselor to determine what is best for your organization, both now and on an ongoing basis.

Developing the perfect education package for your needs. We can customize a curriculum for your organization at every level you require.

Continually updating content to assure the latest in training.  We regularly update our materials to reflect changes in the industry and even specific requirements by state, in some cases.

Serving as thought leaders for improving the senior care industry.  Our customers care about providing the best of services to the seniors in their communities.  We recognize that our products help them do that and that we have a responsibility to inspire as well as educate with our programs.

Helping the leadership of senior communities build a standard of excellence for their organizations.  Our products help communities develop a well-trained management and staff that will provide consistently safe, high-quality service to seniors in all levels of care.  Our programs are derived from studying best practices and making constant improvements and updates to our content.

Each customer receives individual, personalized attention to assure the best possible selection of training and educational products.


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