How to Improve Winter Safety in Assisted Living Facilities

Bitter arctic cold, snow, sleet and freezing rain have affected much of the US already in 2024, including the South. Administrators need to take precautions to keep not only residents but staff and visitors safe as well. That’s why it is important to have a detailed emergency preparedness plan and staff trained for winter safety in assisted living facilities.

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Winter Safety

Elevate Your Career with Assisted Living Director Certification

With nearly 73 million Baby Boomers expected to have reached 65 by 2030, senior living careers offer stability and opportunity. Assisted living director certification can help current and aspiring executive directors stand out as leaders in the senior living industry.

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Assisted Living

Improve Residents’ Safety and Reduce Liability with Assisted Living Medication Management Training

Each year, adverse drug events send approximately 450,000 seniors to the emergency room, more than twice the number of younger people, according to the CDC. With more than three-quarters of residents in assisted living facilities needing help taking prescribed medications, the risk of an adverse drug event is high. That’s why regular assisted living medication management training is critical for staff to help keep residents safe.

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