Developing a Community Life Program for Assisted Living Certification Program

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Our 2019 manual, Developing a Community Life Program for Assisted Living, lays the foundation for creating a Community Life Program for your assisted living community.  Offering guidance in deciding what programs to offer, the settings in which to offer these programs, and examples of  programs for different acuity levels of residents.  This program focuses on the three important ideas to remember when creating a community life program; offering the resident choice; creating a program that is delivered in a manner that preserves their dignity; and allowing them to promote their individuality.  By focusing on a resident’s chronic conditions and need for assistance, whether due to physical or mental issues, our manual will offer suggestions to assist in the development of appropriate programs.  Ideas and suggestions are offered for off campus senior activities, ranging from visiting local senior centers, volunteering as a mentor for young children, or even an evening away from campus for a movie and dinner.   Focus is given to residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s, with examples of appropriate programs for the three levels of Alzheimer’.


Table of Contents


Introduction. 1

Chapter One: 3

Recreation and Assisted Living. 3

Learning Objectives. 4

Lesson One: The Assisted Living Home. 5

Lesson Two: The Assisted Living Resident 8

Chapter One: Check Your Understanding. 10

Chapter Two. 11

Getting to Know the Residents. 11

Learning Objectives. 12

Lesson One: Activities and the Individual Resident 13

Lesson Two: Learning About the Resident 14

Community Life Get to Know You Questionnaire. 16

Chapter Two: Check Your Understanding. 22

Chapter Three: 23

Running an Activities Program.. 23

Learning Objectives. 24

Lesson One: The Activities and Recreation Program.. 25

Lesson Two: Motivating the Residents. 27

Chapter Three: Check Your Understanding. 29

Chapter Four. 30

Scheduling Activities. 30

Learning Objectives. 31

Lesson One: Recreation Programs. 32

Lesson Two: Planning a Program.. 35

Lesson Three: Individual Activities. 38

Lesson Four: Fitness and Exercise. 39

Lesson Five: Off-Site Activities. 45

Lesson Six: Family Involvement 51

Lesson Seven: Support Groups. 53

Lesson Eight: Community Outreach and Intergenerational Activities. 56

Chapter Four: Check Your Understanding. 61

Chapter Five: 62

Staff and Volunteers. 62

Learning Objectives. 63

Lesson One: Managing Staff 64

Lesson Two: Volunteers. 65

Lesson Three: Working With Other Departments. 69

Chapter Five: Check Your Understanding. 71

Chapter Six. 72

Good Communication. 72

Learning Objectives. 73

Lesson One: Speaking With Residents. 74

Lesson Two: Addressing a Group. 75

Lesson Three: Communicating With Printed Materials. 76

Chapter Six: Check Your Understanding. 77

Chapter Seven. 78

Memory-Impaired Residents. 78

Learning Objectives. 79

Lesson One: Memory-Impaired Residents. 80

Lesson Two: Programs for Residents With Dementia. 81

Lesson Three: Managing Dementia Behavior. 86

Lesson Four: Involving Family. 90

Chapter Seven: Check Your Understanding. 92

Chapter Eight 93

Safety Issues. 93

Learning Objectives. 94

Lesson One: Safety Overview.. 95

Lesson Two: Food Safety. 96

Lesson Three: Infection Control 98

Lesson Four: Avoiding Injury. 100

Lesson Five: Final Safety Recommendations. 101

Chapter Eight: Check Your Understanding. 102

Chapter Nine. 103

Administration. 103

Learning Objectives. 104

Lesson One: Recreation and the Individualized Service Plan. 105

Lesson Two: Monitoring Resident Progress and Participation. 106

Chapter Nine: Check Your Understanding. 108

Chapter Ten. 109

Evaluating an Activities Program… 109

Learning Objectives. 110

Lesson One: Evaluating Your Program.. 111

Resident Satisfaction Survey. 112

Lesson Two: Budgeting. 114

Chapter Ten: Check Your Understanding. 117

Conclusion. 118

Appendix. 119

Answers to Self-Check Questions  119

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