Working in a care-oriented environment, like assisted living or in a retirement community, can be incredibly rewarding – but it’s not always as easy as your team may make it look. Building a sense of community and providing the top-notch care that residents deserve takes patience, an ability to adapt to changing best practices, and a lot of training. Even the best-rated assisted living and retirement communities can use extra senior care training to ensure their teams are up to date on the newest certifications or care philosophies and that their skills remain sharp. And often, it’s the commitment to ongoing senior care training for staff members that sets the great retirement communities apart from the good retirement communities.

SeniorLivingU was designed to make senior care training more accessible for any retirement or assisted living community. Whether there’s a need for state-recognized exam practice materials or downloadable brochures on the latest COVID-19 precautions, SeniorLivingU has you covered. Here are just a few of the senior care training materials we provide that can help to improve your community.

Senior care training materials that focus on residential care

Everyday care routines within senior living communities can be made even better by devoting extra time to learning new practices and revisiting the basics. These senior care training courses focus on a variety of topics that impact daily living and can also be catered toward any skill level. The resources we offer for residential care also come in multiple mediums including DVD sets and manuals. Below are just a few of the senior care training options we can provide.

Senior care training for exams and certifications

While some exams are necessary for state level clearances, there are some certifications that professionals in the senior living industry can take to show their proficiency in certain areas. Here are some of the exams, senior care training certifications, and test preparation materials we offer.

 Senior care training for administrators and management

The senior care training resources available on our site aren’t just for staff members working directly with residents. We also have several materials that address training for senior living executives and directors. If you’re interested in improving the overall management of your community, your recruitment process, or improving your assisted living education, we suggest looking at these resources to see if they meet your needs.

COVID-19 related senior care training resources

We’re happy to be working towards returning to life after COVID-19, but we also know that some of the most vulnerable to this virus remain to be the elderly. To help retirement communities continue to be prepared while bouncing back as we race towards the finish line, SeniorLivingU has created several COVID-19 senior care training materials for purchase and for download. Any retirement community can benefit from extra precautionary training, so it is no surprise to us that these have been popular senior care training resources.

 How SeniorLivingU can elevate your senior care training

Headquartered in Hershey, PA, SeniorLivingU  serves as a support system and education provider for organizations and individuals within the senior living industry. Our website provides a full e-commerce storefront for registered account members to easily purchase new trainings and senior care training resources as they see fit and as often as they like. You can also visit the FAQ page for some helpful tips on how to navigate our materials. To learn more about SeniorLivingU, the services we provide, and how we can provide the best resources for your organization, contact us today. We look forward to helping your team receive the senior care staff training you’ve been searching for.