Because of the importance of training and continued education in the senior living industry, there are many different types of materials and education mediums offered to staff and caregivers. In-services for assisted living facilities and caregivers are one type of training offering that have gained popularity over the years. Here, we will breakdown what in-service training is, how they’re used in the senior living industry, and how to find helpful in-service training materials for your community.

What are in-services?

In-services for assisted living facilities, caregivers, and other senior living professionals are a common training practice in the senior living industry. Typically, they are short trainings on very specific topics generally involving health-related care, management, and daily essentials of senior living. These materials were created to address both regulatory needs and common concerns and challenges in retirement communities.

One difference between in-services for assisted living facilities and other training materials is that they are designed for someone to give the training live to a group of people. However, many of these trainings can also include helpful materials that teams can keep on hand after their training sessions. As these training materials are centered around a specific topic, they are also crafted in a short and succinct manner and often sold in an easily downloadable format.

How in-services are used to improve senior living

In-services for assisted living facilities and retirement communities are used as a way to improve daily practices and keep staff and caregivers informed on the most up to date advances in training as well as the latest best practices for common care. This type of training is often found to be extremely helpful for staff and caregivers as they are generally offered in short training classes within their working environment, making the information easy to retain and easy to put into practice right away.

In-services for assisted living facilities, retirement communities, and caregivers offered by SeniorLivingU

SeniorLivingU is fortunate to have many in-services for assisted living facilities that caregivers and senior living communities use for training purposes. Here are a few of our most-downloaded in-services currently available:

  • Caregiver Corner In-Services Volume 1 and Volume 2 – sold separately, these training pieces cover important senior living topics such as end of life care, abuse and neglect training, meaningful activities for seniors, HIPAA information, and more.
  • Direct Care Worker Annual Trainings – materials included in this offering include relevant information on medication self-administration, care for residents with dementia and cognitive impairments, and safe management techniques.
  • COVID-19 Info-graphic Packet | Instant Download | Volume 1 and Volume 2 – both of these in-services for assisted living facilities and other senior living professionals or caregivers are instant downloads with helpful COVID-19 protocol and safety tips. Topics in each training download range from reducing stress around COVID-19 and understanding health risks to handwashing techniques and covid-friendly activities that are fun for the whole family.

How SLU can help your team create program bundle with in-services for assisted living facilities and other training materials

Are you looking for a way to keep your employees and assisted living training materials up to date with all of the latest changes in the industry? We can help! SeniorLivingU, located in Hershey, PA, serves as an education provider and support system for organizations and individuals within the senior living industry. Our website provides a full e-commerce storefront for teams to easily purchase senior living training, in-services for assisted living facilities, and other general resources as they see fit and as often as they like. We also provide management training for executives interested in a senior living management certificate. Our FAQ page includes some helpful tips on how to navigate our materials and more information on our senior living training. To learn more about SeniorLivingU, the services we provide, and how we can provide the best resources for your organization, contact us today. Our teams are also equipped to create a full training program based on your needs. We look forward to helping your team receive the quality assisted living training, senior living training, and general assisted living education your senior living or assisted living management team has been searching for.