A Family Checklist for Choosing an Assisted Living Community

As a senior living administrator, part of your job is helping families in the task of choosing an assisted living community for their…

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Daughter Helping Senior Woman Review a Community Care Checklist

Preventing Senior Suicide: Know The Warning Signs

With information from the Promoting Emotional Health and Preventing Suicide Toolkit, presented by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, we’ve created…

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depressed senior man with caregiver

When To Be Concerned About Memory Loss

Memory can be a tricky matter and can play games with us at the worst times. Have you ever blanked on the name…

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caregiver supporting senior who is confused or upset

Seniors Suffering from Lack of Sleep

As an adult, we need the same amount of sleep whether we are in our 20s or our 80s. You may, however, notice…

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insomnia in seniors, elderly man lying in bed awake

Best Practices for Senior Medication Management

As an assisted living caregiver, you see the effects of aging on your residents’ health. Because of these age-related health changes and challenges,…

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Hand of nurse giving senior patient medication

Your Role in Preventing Senior Falls

Modern medicine is making successful strides in controlling many of the diseases that, in past years, caused the deaths of many older Americans.…

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walkers aid in preventing senior falls