Recruiting top level talent for assisted living facilities has become even more challenging since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Employees are seeking better pay and flexibility, and many would like to work remotely, all of which present challenges for assisted living management. Staff burnout is high, too. Here are some effective strategies for building your team during the current workforce crisis:

Appealing job descriptions

To engage potential employees, take time to review your job descriptions from the applicant’s point of view. Why should they want to work for your assisted living facility? What are the benefits and perks? What is the company culture like? Is there opportunity for growth? What is a typical day like? Check out our instant download package of job descriptions crucial to running a successful and safe assisted living facility. Using these as a basis, you can then customize each one to match your situation.

Attract qualified candidates with videos

Recruitment videos can give qualified candidates insight into your company’s culture and create interest. You can share videos across platforms—on your social media, website and even Indeed. Team members, family and friends can like and share the video to reach even more qualified candidates.

Make it easy to apply

A complicated application process can deter potential qualified applicants. By making it easier to apply, you can start the conversation and get to know potential employees before requesting additional documentation.

Think outside of the box

What are the barriers to employment for potential employees? For instance, is there a transportation issue? Consider working with local transportation agencies or commuter ride share organizations to find a solution.

Do potential candidates have an issue finding childcare? In some places, assisted living management has begun offering childcare benefits for employees to entice women in particular back into the workforce. Childcare options may include on-site care, back-up care at a partner provider, subsidies, or flexible work hours to accommodate parents.

Is the job physically, mentally or emotionally challenging? Staff need places to get away from the stress. Break rooms, fitness rooms, and dining rooms are key areas for assisted living management to focus on a refresh to attract and retain qualified employees.

A plan for recruitment and retention

Of course, the best strategy for building an effective assisted living care team is to have a recruitment plan to cultivate a pipeline of talent and a retention plan to keep turnover rates low. Need help calculating the cost of your staff turnover? Check out this calculator from Leading Age.

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