Assisted living administrators often have two very different roles: one of managing the day-to-day business of running an assisted living community and the other of leading the organization and its team. Taking assisted living administrator certification to the next level integrates both management and leadership skills.

While much has been made about the difference between leading and management, “the more factual reality is excellent leaders need to be effective managers, and excellent managers need to be effective leaders,” said Tony Gambill in a recent Forbes article. “I understand that there are fundamental differences in complexity, scope and context between the role of a leader and the role of a manager. I also know the differences in the skills and abilities needed for leaders and managers to succeed in their respective roles. But, what is very clear to me is that in today’s complex and rapidly changing world, managers must exhibit both leadership and management skills to succeed,” he added.

Management skills

Good management is being able to get things done. Managers need to understand the processes involved in maintaining operations. They also need to know how to keep their team focused and on task. In an assisted living facility, this can include hiring, handling emergencies and reducing risks, overseeing building and systems maintenance, and ensuring regulatory compliance and quality of care, along with a myriad of other responsibilities.

Leadership skills

Leadership combines a strategic vision with the ability to understand and get the best out of people – not only employees, but residents and their families, business partners and even community members.

In a keynote discussion at Harvard Business School Online’s annual conference, Connext, HBS Professor Joe Fuller said, “I think the ultimate intersection between leadership and management is an appreciation for what motivates and causes individuals to behave the way they do, and the ability to draw out the best of them with a purpose in mind.”

In an assisted living environment, effective leadership builds community, establishes partnerships and develops the business through the guidance of vision, mission and values, with the purpose of providing the best possible care for residents. Taking assisted living administrator certification to the next level can help build both leadership and management skills.

What is next level assisted living administrator certification?

While Administrator Level 1 certification prepares administrators to manage an assisted living community, the Next Level certificate program for administrators has been designed to provide current and vital information that will help you to grow your administrative and long-term care knowledge.

The Next Level certificate program for administrators consists of a set of 3 manuals, an exam and upon successful completion of the course a certificate is issued by SeniorLivingU in conjunction with NAB, worth 9.75 CEUs. Book 1 focuses on resident care, including advanced care planning, developing an acuity niche and how to partner with hospice. Book 2 delves into human resources and financial skills for administrators. Book 3 focuses on how passionate administrators can develop their leadership skills, including building and motivating their team, developing strategic assessment and action plans for improvement, and turning customer complaints into compliments.

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