In an assisted living facility, infection control training for nurses and direct staff can help increase the quality of care and emphasize a culture of safety. Infections can quickly endanger not only the lives of fragile older adults, but also the health of staff and visitors. That’s why infection control best practices should be communicated clearly and followed by everyone.

As the recent pandemic brought to light, large outbreaks of infection can quickly spread through assisted living facilities where older adults who are more prone to infections are in close proximity with workers and visitors. Residents are not only more likely to get an infection, they can also spread it to others.

But infection control isn’t limited to large outbreaks. While respiratory infections (like influenza) and gastrointestinal diseases (like norovirus) are the most common types of infections in long-term care facilities, other infections that are easily transmittable include MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), strep, head lice, and tuberculosis.

Besides being harmful to the health of others, the spread of infections can cause further staffing shortages, impeding the quality of care. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, “High turnover rates (estimated between 40% and 60%) and increased demand for direct care services due to an aging population continue to exacerbate the shortage of direct care workers. The COVID-19 pandemic also worsened shortages across the country as an estimated 420,000 nursing home workers left the workforce since 2020.”

Empower staff with essential infection control training

Infection control training for nurses and direct care staff equips them with the knowledge and confidence to make appropriate care decisions. Properly trained staff can set an example and encourage other team members and residents to take appropriate precautions, enhancing a culture of safety for the facility.

SeniorLivingU’s infection control training course covers topics such as airborne and droplet mitigation, appropriate antibiotic usage, and environmental procedures, as well as reporting procedures. The training set includes an Infection Control Manual designed for an administrator, a DVD, and a DVD Instructor’s Guide to make in-person training of front-line staff simple.

Online infection control training for nurses and direct care staff

Infection control is just one of many topics available in SeniorLivingU’s Anytime Learning Portal. Online training offers a convenient and affordable way to train assisted living staff from anywhere. With round-the-clock access, employees can learn at their own pace and from multiple devices. Administrators can easily track progress and verify completion of the course.

Research has shown that infection control training has a positive impact on the health of residents, visitors, and staff of long-term care facilities. Whether classroom-based or online training modules are used, having knowledgeable front-line staff can reduce risks and enhance trust in the facility.

Experts in assisted living training

SeniorLivingU provides educational solutions developed for the senior living industry by experts in the field. Our products are designed to help improve the quality of care while reducing risks and liability.

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