Professionals within the senior living industry know that safety is a top priority of not only families of loved ones residing in communities, but for employees and caregivers as well. Continued training of senior living employees and caregivers is a core aspect of keeping residents safe in their communities and while receiving care. But just how often are senior living professionals trained or given access to training courses that offer educational opportunities like receiving a senior living management degree?

If you’re looking to make changes to ensure that your community has the most up to date or consistent training programs, there are several ways you can create more opportunities for your employees and caregivers. Here, we’ll detail multiple types of training materials for senior living teams and how they can make your communities safer.

Benefits of continuing education and training in senior living communities

New caregiving styles and best practices for senior living professionals are always evolving. This means that training is and assisted living education is important for both new employees and tenured employees. While not everyone on your teams can have the same level of experience, keeping training on new and old topics consistent will help employees strengthen skills they already have and learn new materials together.

As made evident by the pandemic, new safety concerns can come at any time. Having an ongoing schedule of assisted living training and retirement community training opportunities will not only ensure that basic training topics such as new infection control guides, dementia treatments, or fall prevention practices are being covered, but also that a training process is already familiar within your teams. Keeping your team comfortable with training on a regular basis will make emergency training easier for employees to retain.

 There are many benefits to offering multiple senior living training options for employees in retirement communities that reach beyond the obvious advantages of best practices. Continued education, advancement opportunities, and consistent training has direct links to employee retainment. Not only is this great news for employers, minimal employee turnover is better for resident morale as it creates a more familiar and engaging community as well.

Which senior living management degree or training materials are right for my employees?

There is a wide array of training options available for those in the senior living industry. Education programs that cover basic caregiver training through upper management and senior living executive courses can be found in a variety of mediums as well. Understanding the different types of senior living management degree or training materials available will help you decide what may be best for your or your team.

Online training – Providing an online option for employees can help individuals learn on their own time and in the ways that work best for them. This flexible alternative to in-person training has become increasingly popular over the past several years as both a supplemental training option for everyday practices and for continued educational opportunities that will help employees advance in their fields.

Management training – Even management teams need training every now and then! If your needs are geared toward creating a more cohesive executive team, there are plenty of options available industry wide. From writing clearer job descriptions to creating a better hierarchy of teams and positions within your community, executive-level training can help to bring a fresh perspective and new opportunities to your community.

In-services – Short and direct training for common care and general best practices is often referred to as in-service training. This type of training works well for communities looking to refresh concepts already learned and for updated processes pertaining to routine practices. Often times, in-service training is given on the job and in a group setting so that the new information learned can be used immediately.

Learn more about senior living training and educational materials with SeniorLivingU

If not already established, employers should consider year-round training programs specifically curated for their communities. Our services help communities match their needs to the right training materials. Whether for your leadership team or for your employees, SeniorLivingU has an extensive library of resources for all retirement community teams and caregivers.

Located in Hershey, PA, SeniorLivingU serves as an education provider and support system for organizations and individuals within the senior living industry. Our website provides a full e-commerce storefront for teams to easily purchase retirement community training, senior living management degree programs, and other general resources as they see fit and as often as they like. We also provide management training for executives interested in a senior living management certificate. Our FAQ page includes some helpful tips on how to navigate our materials and more information on our assisted living education. To learn more about SeniorLivingU, the services we provide, and how we can provide the best resources for your organization, contact us today. We look forward to helping your team receive the quality assisted living training, caregiver training, and general education your senior living or senior living management degree programs your team has been searching for.