With nearly 73 million Baby Boomers expected to have reached 65 by 2030, senior living careers offer stability and opportunity. Assisted living director certification can help current and aspiring executive directors stand out as leaders in the senior living industry.

What are the steps to become an assisted living executive director?

Assisted living represents a nexus of health care, housing, and hospitality. Executive directors need to work well with people, have a desire to help others, and have extensive knowledge in health care, operations, and sales and marketing. The path to becoming an executive director includes:

  • Education
  • Experience working in senior living
  • Licensure and/or certification

What is assisted living director certification?

Assisted living director certification is a form of professional development, an opportunity for an individual to demonstrate their knowledge in a specific area. After successfully completing an exam, the individual is awarded certification from a certifying agency. The best certification programs qualify for continuing education units (CEUs) from the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB), the nation’s leading authority on licensing, credentialing, and regulating administrators of organizations along the continuum of long term care.

It is important to understand that certification is not the same as licensure. State and local governments may require assisted living professionals to obtain a license to legally prove they have attained the level of competency necessary to ensure the reasonable protection of public health, safety, and welfare. To find out more, contact your state’s licensing board.

What are the benefits of certification?

Certification prepares aspiring and new executive directors for the challenges of leading an assisted living facility. Because assisted living encompasses so many areas, a certification program can strengthen skills in areas where directors have less knowledge and experience. Participating in a certification program demonstrates an individual’s commitment to staying up to date with industry changes as well as valuing quality care.

What does assisted living director certification cover?

SeniorLivingU’s Administrator Level 1 Certificate Program encompasses the four domains of the executive director role: care and services, operations, environment and leadership. This course provides aspiring executive directors with examples of day-to-day issues in the managing of an assisted living community. The comprehensive manual includes medical and nursing best practices, hiring and managing front-line staff and preparing for an emergency. Individuals who successfully complete the certification exam are eligible for 14 CEUs from NAB.

SeniorLivingU backs expert curriculum with industry approval

SeniorLivingU’s Administrator Level 1 course has been designed by experts in senior living to provide executive directors with an in-depth overview of assisted living. It is recommended by state licensing agencies in Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. In addition, the course is used by numerous state organizations in classroom training programs. SeniorLivingU maintains partnerships with the following organization:

  • Georgia Health Care Association/Georgia Center for Assisted Living
  • Lifespan’s Beacon Institute (Maryland)
  • Michigan Center for Assisted Living
  • ALTA (New Jersey)
  • North Carolina Assisted Living Association
  • Oklahoma Assisted Living Association
  • Rhode Island Assisted Living Association
  • Utah Assisted Living Association

For executive directors seeking to further develop their skills, SeniorLivingU offers the Taking Administration to the Next Level certificate program.

SeniorLivingU provides educational solutions for senior living staff and administrators designed by experts in the industry. Our products are available in a variety of delivery methods to meet your needs. These include our popular Anytime Learning Portal, manuals, and DVDs. Contact us today to learn more about SeniorLivingU and our expert services and resources.