Sixty-five percent (65%) of Americans are actively searching for a new full-time job. In the competitive market, finding – and retaining – quality employees can be a challenge. One way to build your best care team is with retirement community online CEU courses. Here’s why.

Raising wages isn’t enough

Higher wages are definitely a draw for many workers, but it isn’t the sole reason for choosing to change jobs. Today’s workers are seeking supportive management, a better work-life balance, flexible schedules, opportunities for advancement and skills development.

Employ Inc.’s 2022 Job Seeker Nation Report found that “Continued growth, training, and education is a priority for workers today.” However, “only 24 percent (24%) of workers receive learning and development opportunities from their employer.”

Furthermore, the University of Phoenix’s Annual Career Optimism Index 2022 “reported that 68 percent (68%) of workers say they would stay with their employer throughout their career if the employer made an effort to upskill them, while 65 percent of workers said they would stay throughout their career if their employer made an effort to reskill them.”

It’s less expensive to train workers than to hire from outside

In today’s job market (which has been called the “Great Renegotiation” and the “Great Resignation”), workers are often willing to leave a job without securing another one first. Investing in staff development can increase job satisfaction and help retain quality workers. When you take a proactive approach to training your staff, you create the workers you need rather than relying on the job market to provide qualified and quality candidates. Some studies have found that upskilling costs about a third of what hiring costs, not to mention the time savings.

But staffing shortages can make training a challenge. The Career Optimism Index found the top reasons for not investing in employee upskilling/reskilling include finding time (cited by 42 percent of respondents) and budgeting for the training (35 percent).

Get help with retirement community online CEU courses  

Learning management systems like SeniorLivingU’s Anytime Learning Portal can break down barriers to staff development. On-demand online learning can be done remotely and at the staff member’s own pace. Managers can easily track progress and confirm completion of courses. New employees can be quickly trained and brought onboard with senior care essentials. Experienced staff can use online learning for refresher courses and additional learning opportunities. Approved clinical training courses can fulfill compliance requirements for healthcare workers.

Retirement community online CEU classes are budget-friendly, too. Flexible pricing varies according to the course package and the number of users.

Need help developing a staff training program that works for your retirement community? The Anytime Learning Portal from SeniorLivingU was created by senior care experts who understand the needs of senior living administrators. We provide initial set-up, training, and ongoing support to ensure your staff training goes smoothly. Contact us today to learn more.