An estimated 6.7 million Americans age 65 and older are living with Alzheimer’s today, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. By 2060, that number is projected to more than double to 13.8 million. Since the pandemic began, there has been a tremendous shortage in caregiving, both by family members and friends and by professional services available at long-term care facilities. Training caregivers is critical to ensure residents with dementia receive quality care. Assisted living training videos offer a cost-effective method for administrators to train staff quickly and conveniently.

Understanding the unique needs of Alzheimer’s patients

Assisted living training videos help caregivers understand the progressive nature, the cognitive impairments, communication difficulties and behavioral changes commonly associated with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. With the expert guidance available in these resources, assisted living managers can ensure that their entire staff gains a solid understanding of best practices for caregiving. It is also an opportunity to dispel any misconceptions caregivers may have about the disease.

Learning communication strategies

Compassionate communication can enhance the quality of life for residents with dementia while reducing stress and encouraging connection with others. Caregivers must possess effective communication techniques to connect with and create positive interactions with residents at all stages of dementia. Instructional videos offer practical demonstrations of communication methods, active listening skills and compassionate responses and emphasize the importance of patience and empathy to create a supportive environment.

Practicing safety and security measures

Safety is a top priority when caring for people with dementia. In addition to safety protocols, fall prevention strategies, and effective supervision techniques, caregivers need to know how to establish trust and use compassionate solutions to ensure residents’ well-being. Assisted living managers can use videos to train their staff to effectively handle emergency situations and minimize risks.

Creating meaningful activities

Engaging residents with dementia in meaningful activities can enhance their quality of life, deepen their connection with others, and help them find a sense of purpose. Activities can help with physical well-being and cognitive function, as well as reduce anxiety and improve mood. Administrators can use training resources to help staff understand the abilities of residents with dementia and develop activity plans.

SeniorLivingU assisted living training videos and more

SeniorLivingU provides professional training developed by senior care experts. To facilitate staff training, SeniorLivingU provides assisted living administrators with a variety of delivery options. Our assisted living training videos include a package of five DVDs to train staff on all aspects of caregiving for dementia. Topics include an introduction to Alzheimer’s Disease, communication strategies, wandering prevention, managing care resistance, and reducing agitation.

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