A well-trained staff is vital for senior living facilities to provide residents with the best possible care. Assisted living online training can help keep residents, visitors, and staff members safe and healthy and ensure compliance with regulations and best practices.

According to Indeed, “the eight most effective employee training methods” are: technology-based learning, simulators, on-the-job training, coaching/mentoring, instructor-led training, roleplaying, films and videos and case studies. Online learning management systems like SeniorLivingU’s Anytime Online Learning Portal make training easy and affordable to keep senior living staff up-to-date.

History of training methods

Assisted living online training is the latest in the evolution of training methods.

  • Printed materials and an instructor were, and still are, a simple way to train groups of people. In-person training can allow for in-depth discussions but the effectiveness of the training can also be limited by the knowledge and experience of the instructor. Scheduling can also be a challenge.
  • Videos on VHS tapes and later on DVDs meant training sessions could be easily repeated. Videos also enhance learning by providing visual context to illuminate complex material.
  • Computer-based training (CBT) enabled more interaction between the participant and the material. Interactive components such as videos, animation, quizzes and graphics increased comprehension and the program provided a way for learners to assess their knowledge with instant feedback.
  • Online learning management systems incorporate the advantages of computer-based training with the flexibility to learn from anywhere on a device such as a tablet or laptop. With connection to resources across the internet, online learning can offer the most up-to-date information available.

Online learning management systems: flexible, convenient and personalized learning

Today’s online learning programs have improved upon the computer-based training programs of the end of the last century. Lessons from the COVID pandemic have shown that assisted living online training can offer advantages to in-person training. This is especially valuable when dealing with staff shortages and the need to quickly onboard and train new employees to meet the needs of your senior living community.

 SeniorLivingU’s Anytime Online Learning Portal is assisted living online training developed and tested by experts in the field.

Benefits of assisted living online training for staff

  • Access training from anywhere and from across multiple devices
  • Staff can learn at their own pace
  • Staff can further their career development with a variety courses

 Benefits of online learning for senior living management

  • An extensive collection of courses covering Clinical Training, Direct Care, Dementia, and Onboarding.
  • Flexibility for your staff to learn from work, home or on the go
  • Track progress and monitor students’ learning for successful completion
  • Easily onboard new employees with comprehensive assisted living online training from experienced senior care providers
  • Cost-effective: Purchase the course package that best suits your needs and number of users.

 Learn more about assisted living online training for your staff at SeniorLivingU.com.

SeniorLivingU, located in Hershey, PA, provides education and support for the senior living industry. Comprehensive training materials are available in many formats, including the Anytime Online Learning Portal, certificate programs, manuals and textbooks, DVDs and instant downloads. Our senior living management certificate program can provide the knowledge you need to advance your career. Have questions? The FAQ page provides guidance on how to purchase educational materials and more information about our assisted living education. To learn more about SeniorLivingU and the services and resources we provide, contact us today.