Dementia – Caregiver Approaches: Online eLearning Course

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This online eLearning course – “Dementia-Cargiver Approaches” teaches memory support caregivers how to customize their approaches to care by asking them to wear different “hats” including: a detective’s hat – to ask questions; a football helmet – to figure out a game plan; and a chef’s hat – to have a successful dining experience. Likewise, caregivers are educated on how their interactions with residents directly influences a resident’s emotions and behaviors as well as how effective communication and good caregiving skills are critical for achieving success with daily routines.

There isn’’t a single, scripted approach you can take toward residents suffering with dementia. Individual situations require unique approaches to provide the best help. This lesson takes you through a couple of scenarios that demonstrate different approaches to care.

Estimated Time of Completion: 25 Minutes

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